Mantilida Villa

Mantilida villa is located in the heart of the traditional settlement of Emporio, one of Santorini’s most iconic villages. It is a complex of three traditional, newly renovated residences sharing a huge outdoor swimming pool and a 200 m2 patio with a beautiful yard.
Mantilida villa is an ideal accommodation for couples, families, or group of friends, who look for a peaceful and revitalizing accommodation in Santorini with modern touches and comfy amenities.


Live like local and enjoy your holidays in Santorini


Step back in time, in eras that Santorini and the village of Emporio were the heart of the commercial life of the island, when traders from all around the world were visiting Santorini to buy the Vinsanto wine, the cherry tomatoes and other unique tasteful products of the island. Feel the unique aura of a very special spot on the island and live with your beloved ones a unique holiday experience in Santorini that is traditionally refreshing.

Beautifully appointed in the centre of a calm area, the Mantilida Villa is an accommodation proposal in Santorini that resembles no other!

It has recently been renovated with respect to the unique local architecture taking under consideration the latest decoration trends.

A place with a special care for your stay!

Welcome to Mantilida Villa and let us take you on a journey in Santorini that we hope you will never forget.


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